[sysrepo-announce] New release

Michal Vaško mvasko at cesnet.cz
Mon Mar 8 15:03:29 UTC 2021

a new release of sysrepo and associated tools (netopeer2 [1]) has just been made. There are no new features but rather fixes for all the issues found in the previous release and its new features so it is strongly suggested to use it over any previous versions. New packages should also be available.

Note that this is among the last releases of all the tools based on libyang version 1. There may be some more bugfix releases but there almost certainly be no new features. Libyang version 2 has been used and tested for a few months now by several 3rd parties and all the other tools were also migrated (libyang2 branches in all the projects), but are still fresh with little testing done. However, all the new features will be added to these migrated tools and it would be great if other parties could start using them and provide us with feedback. But note that the API (of libnetconf2 and sysrepo) will change before their first release because all the postponed non-backwards compatible changes still need to be added. But libyang version 2 should have final or very close to final API.


[1] https://github.com/CESNET/netopeer2/releases/tag/v1.1.70

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